The Importance of New Construction Technology for Caribbean Sustainability

The Importance of New Construction Technology for Caribbean Sustainability

An InCarib Interview: Caribbean ICF Solutions

Tell us about your company:

Caribbean ICF Solutions is a company dedicated to improving our environment by providing cost-effective Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) and Micro-Rebar solutions to the construction industry in Puerto Rico and the entire Caribbean Region with the ultimate mission of promoting sustainability, durability, and energy-efficient building envelopes.

We are the authorized dealers / Partners for the Quad-Lock ICF Building Systems, LTD, Helix Steel, and Sider-Crete, Inc. ICF Finishing Products in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean Region.  We are not only an ICF Materials Dealer but Rather a One-Stop ICF Solutions Provider. We are not a contractor nor a builder but rather an ICF solutions provider that works directly with the homeowners, developers, architects, engineers, and contractors to support them with our unique ICF total solution and special ICF services from the beginning of their project to the end.

Our team of dedicated professionals is capable of providing the following ICF value-added services as needed: ICF Structural and complete Designs as needed, Onsite Installation Support with Project Management services, Onsite Structural Evaluations and Technical Support on all the ICF products that we support as needed. Our technology features competitive pricing and sustainable, resilient, and energy-efficient building structures in the entire Caribbean Region that will protect against even the most threatening catastrophic events.  We aim to help our customers complete their projects within the expected target window, allowing them to save money and unnecessary labor costs.

Caribbean ICF Solutions coordinates the entire logistical plan for all the materials and order fulfillment to all Caribbean Destinations up to the Islands/countries’ Port of entry.  We also provide the freight rates in the comprehensive estimates that is sent to our customers for their projects. This is where CICFS separates from the rest of the ICF providers. We are proud to be industry leaders and change agents in the Caribbean Region, since construction must continue to transition.

Since starting our business in 2009, we have had several success stories, but the most recent one before COVID-19 was an Ocean Front House that we supported in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico. The owner wanted to build this house as soon as possible, and we worked with his contractor in the early planning stages to help him with providing a daily installation schedule to keep the project on track.

For this project, we used all the ICF products and services that we offer.  Our initial estimated installation time for installing all the ICF walls, ceilings, and the ICF roof was 45 working days.  We had our Engineer onsite during the complete ICF installation, and the result was that the contractor was able to finish all the ICF installation in the same 45 days that we originally estimated. The contractor was left extremely impressed with the construction speed, telling us that if he had built the same structure using regular concrete and CMU, he would have taken at least 4 to 5 months. Based on the contractor’s experience with our ICF solution in this project, he declared that he would only be using ICF on his projects from that point on.  He has since done two other ICF projects using our system.

Our ICF total solution is the most reliable and versatile solution for energy-efficient and highly resilient building structures capable of withstanding even the most devastating hurricanes earthquakes in the Caribbean region.  Our Company’s current focus is on reconstruction projects of the markets we serve, starting with Puerto Rico, which was seriously impacted by Hurricane Maria and this year’s devastating earthquakes. We have also done several reconstruction projects in BVI, USVI, and Puerto Rico following hurricanes Maria and Irma. The reconstruction process will take a long time, but Caribbean ICF Solutions is prepared to be an integral part of the process in the years to come.

Describe the most pressing concern or barrier in the Caribbean that your industry faces?

The construction industry throughout the Caribbean is struggling to move from the traditional construction methods to the ICF construction technology. Caribbean ICF Solutions has helped to remove the hesitation the construction industry has had through proper education; teaching how to quantify savings on labor and materials, while showcasing proven, sustainable ICF project data from prior disastrous events.   In turn, developers are now looking to ICF solutions for the most cost-effective, resilient/energy-efficient solutions instead of the traditional construction methods which have failed during catastrophic events in the past.

Industry and our company’s success, in the Caribbean is derived from the ability to implement new technology and practices to Caribbean projects, with competitive pricing and sustainable, resilient, and energy-efficient building structures in the entire Region that will protect against even the most threatening catastrophic events.

How is Caribbean ICF Solutions combating these concerns and barriers

The way in which we have combated concerns and barriers is by providing hard & factual data and by proving to our customers that our total ICF Solution really works.  Another important factor that I believe has also helped us in mitigating these barriers is our dedication to safety and quality in the products we utilize, and our ability to use the products to help with hurricane and earthquake resiliency and energy efficiency issues in Puerto Rico and throughout the Caribbean.

Our technology, Quad-Lock ICF Building System has shown that contractors can build three to five times faster than traditional construction methods, which is life-changing for construction in the Caribbean regions. There is still a lot of work to do on introducing new construction technologies such as Insulated Concrete Forms(ICF) to the Caribbean Region, this is why we are very committed to continuing to implement and educate in order to move the construction industry of the entire region to the next level in areas of sustainability, resiliency, and energy efficiency. With the Quad-Lock ICF building system and other ICF solutions that we offer such as Helix Micro-Rebar Solutions and the Sider-Crete ICF Finishing Solutions, you know you are making the right choice.

Caribbean ICF Solutions prides itself on its ability to train contractors to effectively install the Quad-lock ICF Building system in order to help them to build efficiently, while staying within the appropriate timeframe for their projects. This knowledge has helped contractors pass on labor reduction efficiencies to their customers, while allowing them the opportunity to build over three projects a year, thus increasing their businesses sales and overall profitability.

We are incredibly thankful to be a part of the InCarib directory. Through InCarib, we can let our fellow Caribbean Islands know we are available to them and want to help make their countries safer and more secure through our Total ICF Solution which consist of the best ICF Products and services in the construction industry.” – Caribbean ICF Solutions by CICFS, LLC

With the natural disasters Caribbean islands face every year, it is vital for the entire Caribbean Region to be prepared for any catastrophic event with the help of companies just like Caribbean ICF Solutions, who are bringing new technology to sustain and empower these beautiful islands. Our Caribbean infrastructure supplier directory allows for companies to connect digitally and work together for the greater good.

Thank you for your contribution to this Blog feature, Caribbean ICF Solutions. Stay tuned to learn details about the Caribbean ICF Total Solution in their next blog feature!

We hope other companies operating in the Region will see the value in sharing their experiences, and end-users will learn how your specialized technologies may help them during future project planning. You can learn more about Caribbean ICF Solutions here.

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