Water Tech provides high quality water treatment equipment, chemicals, membranes, filters, media, wastewater bacteria, and expert technical services to improve customer water quality, increase production, reuse water, reduce costs, and solve problems with long-term customer relationships for mutual benefit. Water Tech is a trusted supplier of Avista Technologies membrane antiscalants, cleaners and biocides for reverse osmosis (RO), nano-filtration (NF), and ultrafiltration (UF); Dow Filmtec and LG Chem RO, NF, and UF membranes; RO filter
cartridges and housings; filter media, carbon, and Dow Dowex, Amberlite, Purolite, and other ion exchange resins; NSF Certified potable and waste water aluminum chlorohydrate (ACH), polyaluminum chloride (PAC), and organic coagulants and flocculants; NSF Certified RID-RUST iron-manganese sequestering and corrosion control ortho-poly phosphates, Calcite and pH neutralizers; chlorine tablets,disinfectants, and sanitizers; algaecides; Roebic wastewater bacteria for fat, oil, grease, and H2S odor control; RO, filter, softener, and Ultraviolet (UV) systems, parts; and more. We provide local inventory and expert service for applications including industrial and municipal potable and waste water, brackish and seawater desalination, food-beverage, textile, cooling towers and boilers, electric power generation, resort-hotel,
pharmaceutical, and others through-out the Caribbean Region from offices and warehouses in Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Trinidad-Tobago and Jamaica.

Our Primary Services

  • Potable, Process and Wastewater Treatment Equipment
  • RO Systems
  • Solar and Container Off-Grid Systems
  • Filters, media and membranes
  • Antiscalant & Chemicals
  • Water Reuse and Optimization Expertise

Industries We Serve

  • Energy/Power
  • Food & Beverage
  • Hotel & Tourism
  • Industry/Manufacturing
  • Municipal

Project References

Project: RO Brine Concentrate Recovery and Reuse
Client: Large Beverage and Bottled Water Manufacturer
Location: Caribbean
Project Scope: Provided equipment, chemicals, and expertise to successfully recover, purify, and reuse RO brine concentrate to significantly reduce facility water consumption, and provide savings.

Project: Wastewater Fat, Oil, Grease, Effluent, and Odor Control
Client: Municipal Waste Water Authority
Location: Caribbean
Project Scope: Eliminated problematic fat, oil, grease and severe H2S mal-odors, and improved effluent quality in a large municipal wastewater system with patented biodegradable
bacteria-enzyme application.

Project: RO Capacity Increase and Optimization
Client: Private Potable Water Reverse Osmosis Operator
Location: Caribbean
Project Scope: Eliminated RO scale and fouling, reduced cleaning frequency, and increased water production capacity through a complete system evaluation, including feed water,
foulant analyses and membrane autopsy to identify and apply the correct antiscalant,
cleaners, and sanitizers.

Available for disaster response

Can provide skid-mounted sustainable water purification systems including ultra-filtration and reverse osmosis, replacement membranes, filters and media, chemicals, and onsite technical services.


everse osmosis (RO), solar, container, off-grid water treatment, filter media, membranes, antiscalent, chemicals, water reuse, odor control, iron – manganese sequestering


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