By putting together a team of Water Professionals, including Engineers, Applications Specialists, Sourcing & Logistics Experts, Contractors, and Field Specialists, R3 Water provides a full spectrum of services to take a project from concept to completion efficiently. Our goal is to unite owners with a team of experts that specialize in working in the challenging environment of the Caribbean. Our group of seasoned professionals have expertise in water and infrastructure projects throughout the Caribbean and the USA. Because logistics and material availability complicate every aspect of a project, we have a direct sourcing team within our subsidiary company Manufacturer Direct Distribution. As a direct equipment distributor and sourcing specialty company they have a full complement of equipment and materials available for any project. Because the Caribbean is such a unique area to manage projects, not all companies have the unique set of skills necessary to successfully and efficiently take a project to completion. Contact R3 Water and let us help you manage your next project.

Our Primary Services

  • Water & Wastewater Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Equipment Sourcing
  • Applications Specialists
  • Construction Services

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  • Agriculture
  • Energy/Power
  • Food & Beverage
  • Hotel & Tourism
  • Industry/Manufacturing
  • Municipal
  • Oil & Gas
  • General Construction

Project References

Project Name: Veolia, St. Thomas, Red Point WWTP, Bypass & Header Replacement  
St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands
Scope: After 10 years in operation the main inlet header to the three cell SBR had corroded from the inside out. Due to environmental conditions and years of under‐capacity flows the corrosive gasses in the wastewater had destroyed the installed ductile iron pipe header leaving the owner no choice but to replace it completely. In the previous 2 years, the operators had used various methods of patching the pipe until capital funding could be arranged to fund the project. All materials were sourced and shipped to the site. A new 24” header was fabricated off-site, in sections, to fit with the existing equipment layout, and support structures. The header was sent to site in pieces that could be flanged or fused in place. HDPE was selected as the preferred material due to its corrosion resistance and flexibility for installation. A temporary bypass was installed from the main inlet to allow the plant to operate at full capacity while the replacement header was installed. Two teams worked in tandem to remove the existing header and replace it with the new HDPE assembly. Demolition and assembly took less than three days. Once the sections were flanged and fused in place the piping was tested and the plant was returned to full automatic operation. Total time on bypass was less than 5 days. Total project duration from purchase order to completion was 12 weeks. 2 weeks for design & engineering, 8 weeks for fabrication and delivery, 2 weeks for mobilization, demolition,

Project: FEMA Cruise Ship Wastewater Discharge Bypass
Location: St. Croix & St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands
Project Scope: After the hurricanes devastated the Caribbean islands in 2017 FEMA and the Red Cross dispatch thousands of relief workers to the region for clean up and restoration. FEMA contracted with cruise lines to provide housing for the hundreds of relief workers while on island. R3 Water and MD Distribution were contacted by Carnival Cruise Lines to provide a wastewater bypass to move waste to the shore for processing at the available waste treatment plants. Under normal operation cruise ships do not remove waste at port in the Virgin Islands so no facilities or connections existed for that purpose. A discharge pipe was run from the bunker location of the ship to the closest available shore discharge point on the islands. In St. Croix at the Frederiksted pier the discharge pipe was over 2,000 feet long and in St. Thomas the discharge pipe was 1,400 feet from ship to the discharge point. HDPE pipe was selected for the project due to its light weight and flexibility of routing. Installation of the pipe allowed the ships to stay at port rather than going to sea in order to dump their waste tanks. This allowed the ships to serve as a base of operations for FEMA, Red Cross, and line crews operating on the islands. Prior to the pipe installation, the ships would have to sail every other day for more than 8 hours to adequately purge their tanks.

Available for Disaster Response

As a project management group, we have personnel on the ground in the Caribbean at our disposal at all times to respond quickly to your needs. Utilizing our sourcing group we can move materials and equipment into disaster areas for rapid response when necessary.

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