Gaia-Wind is a world leading manufacturer of high performance small wind turbines. Our turbines have went unseen and unheard for over 20 years. Here is why…Gaia-Wind 133 small wind turbines have a long track record of reliability. Designed and manufactured in Scotland to operate in moderate wind speed areas, the G-W 133 can now be found in over 2000 sites worldwide. Our customers have found that installing one or more Gaia-Wind turbines an easier and more convenient way of generating ROI than medium wind turbines. Our wind turbines are ideally suited for working farms, businesses, rural properties, island and community projects.

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Project References


Project Name: Lovongo Cay
Location: US Virgin Islands
Project Scope:
Generating Island-Sustaining Energy – The remote location of the island presents some challenges, particularly in the form of high energy costs. Electricity rates there are frustratingly high at $.50 cents per kWh, and residents are also dependent upon expensive, imported fuel transported from the mainland by oil tanker.
Getting Energy from the Ecosystem – Lovango Cay residents are intimately aware that islands act as their own living, breathing ecosystems, so what better way to preserve that than using its own valuable natural resources to power it? With the help of Talco, the islanders created a zeroemission, self-sustaining source of energy that not only reduces costs, but also frees the island from dependence on oil tanker deliveries for energy. So far, the Gaia-Wind 11 kW turbine has produced as much as 191 kW in a single day, which has pleased both the Talco team and island residents. The turbine will generate approximately 50% of energy consumption on the island.

Project Name: Tonga Power Gaia Installation
Client: Tonga Power
Location: Tonga
Project Scope: At a distance of 16,109 kilometres,Tonga Power Limited’s purchase of the Gaia-Wind turbine sets the furthest ever distance for an export order for the company. Gaia-Wind beat off competition from small wind turbine manufacturers in the US and Europe to win the groundbreaking order. The turbine, which is designed to deliver high performance in moderate winds, will also have to withstand the occasional hurricane and other extremes of weather. Tonga Power reports that the construction on the project finished on-time and  underbudget: The Nakolo Wind Turbine began harnessing the energy from wind and has produced electricity since its completed installation. The wind turbine will generate approximately 27,000 kW hours of electricity, enough to generate power to 23 homes. Project Manager Setitaia Chen said: “Today marks a milestone for Tonga Power in the development of wind generation in the Kingdom. The only way to go now is forward with the wind. This project achieved one of our goals, to build capacity to learn, be exposed to a new experience and maintain a new technology.”

Available for Disaster Response

We can provide emergency wind power units.

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