We manufacture composite cedar shake, slate, and barrel tile roofing materials. Our materials have the authentic look of their real counterparts, with increased durability, perfect for Caribbean roofing installations.

Our Primary Services

  • Composite Cedar Shake Roofing Materials -roofing materials that look like real cedar shake but that are made from plastic, giving the materials superior durability.
  • Composite Barrel Tile Roofing Materials -roofing materials that look like real clay or concrete roof tile but that are made from plastic, giving the materials superior durability.
  • Composite Slate Roofing Materials -roofing materials that look like real slate but that are made from plastic, giving the materials superior durability.

Industries We Serve

  • Agriculture
  • Energy/Power
  • Food/Beverage
  • Hotel/Tourism
  • Industry/Manufacturing
  • Municipal
  • Oil & Gas
  • General Construction

Project: Brava’s Synthetic Cedar Shake Stands Up to Hurricane Irma
Location: Naples, FL
Project Scope: When it came time to replace the worn our cedar shake on their accessory buildings, the homeowners at the Venetian Cove Condominiums selected Brava Roof Tile’s Cedar Shake in the “Aspen” colour.  The timing of the installation could not have been more perfect as shortly after Brava was installed, Naples was struck by Hurricane Irma, causing significant roof damage to a number of neighbouring properties.  Fortunately for the owners of the Venetian Cove, the structures that had installed Brava on them did not suffer any storm damage.  The result of this install is the authentic look of a cedar shake roof, with the superior durability of a synthetic.

Project: Before and After Photos of Beautiful Transformation from Asphalt to Tile
Location: Grant, FL
Project Scope: The owner of this property in Grant, FL had always wanted to replace their asphalt shingles with a tile roof, however, because of the weight of concrete and the fact that the house had not been built for a tile roof, the homeowner was unable to re-roof his house with tile without incurring costly structural modifications…that is until his contractor introduced him to Brava Roof Tile’s Synthetic Spanish Barrel Tile.  Weighing less than 300 pounds per square, Brava offers homeowners the option of upgrading their asphalt roof to a tile roof, without the added expense of structural modifications.  The result is a beautiful tile roof in a light-weight, yet durable, synthetic.

Project: Brava Delivers Authentic Cedar Shake Look in Durable Synthetic Material
Location: Dayton, OH
Project Scope: The Cox Arboretum is a park and arboretum located in Dayton, OH.  The project originally had cedar shake, however, when it came time to replace the worn our cedar, the City of Dayton decided they wanted to maintain the authentic look of cedar but with a material that provided a more durable performance.  After researching available alternatives, the architect for the project specified Brava Roof Tile Synthetic Cedar Shake in beautiful “Sierra” colour.  The results are simply stunning!

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