The Importance of New Construction Technology for Caribbean Sustainability

An InCarib Interview: Caribbean ICF Solutions Tell us about your company: Caribbean ICF Solutions is a company dedicated to improving our environment by providing cost-effective Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) and Micro-Rebar solutions to the construction industry in Puerto Rico and the entire Caribbean Region with the ultimate mission of promoting sustainability, durability, and energy-efficient building […]

CWWA Opening Plenary Take Away

There is concern in the local contractor/consultant community that the development banks favor international companies for large Caribbean infrastructure projects. Mr. O’Reilly Lewis, Infrastructure Development Specialist at the Caribbean Development Bank, addressed this question at the Opening Plenary of the Caribbean Water and Wastewater Association virtual conference. Take Away: It is important for local contractors […]

Clean and Green On-Site Distributed Power Generation Plants for Disaster Preparedness

An InCarib Interview: E-Finity Distributed Generation What is a most pressing concern in the Caribbean that your industry can address? Considering recent heightened awareness about climate change and the increase of critical weather patterns across the Caribbean, facilities must be prepared to batten down the hatches and weather these storms the best way they can. […]