Caribbean ICF Solutions bring Sustainable, Cost-Efficient Construction Technology to Aid in the Impact Catastrophic Events

Caribbean ICF Solutions bring Sustainable, Cost-Efficient Construction Technology to Aid in the Impact Catastrophic Events

An InCarib Interview: Part 2 – Caribbean ICF Solutions

Tell Us About Caribbean ICF Solutions (CICFS) 

Caribbean ICF Solutions are leaders in the ICF Construction Technology. Providing cost-effective Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) and Micro-Rebar solutions to the construction industry in the Caribbean Region, with the ultimate mission of promoting sustainability, durability, and energy-efficient building envelops that are designed to withstand catastrophic events.

They are currently focusing on the reconstruction projects of the markets we serve, starting with Puerto Rico, seriously impacted by Hurricane Maria and Irma in 2017 and strong earthquakes earlier this year.  Since the 2017 hurricanes, we have done several reconstruction projects in BVI, USVI, and Puerto Rico.  The reconstruction process of all the Islands impacted by these Hurricanes and earthquakes will take a long time. Still, our primary goal is to be an integral part of this process throughout the years to come, providing the Caribbean with sustainable, durable building solutions to withstand any catastrophic events that the future may hold.

Please provide an overview of your Company’s ICF Total Solution

Caribbean ICF Solutions construction technology has been very successful in solving the hurricanes & earthquakes resiliency issues using their ICF total solution technology products and special services in the projects that they have worked throughout Puerto Rico and the Caribbean Region. Their ICF technology, Quad-Lock ICF Building system, is a lightweight, insulating, stay-in-place concrete forming system that can be used for foundations, exterior above-grade walls, sound walls, retaining walls and radius walls in residential, commercial, and industrial construction. It has given contractors the tools and capabilities to build structures three to five times faster than traditional construction methods.

There are still new construction technologies in addition to the Quad-Lock ICF Building system such as Helix Micro-Rebar & Sider-Crete Specialized Finishing Solutions that Caribbean ICF Solutions will continue to implement and educate to move the construction industry to the next level in areas of sustainability, resiliency, and energy efficiency.  This ICF Total Solution for walls, floors, and roofs create an energy-efficient structural building envelope.  Their ICF Building system is the most versatile in the market, allowing design and construction flexibility unmatching in other types of forms.

The engineering department at Caribbean ICF Solutions diligently pursues the implementation of the Quad-Lock Designs and Helix applications. Their experienced engineering staff are subject matter experts in the Quad-Lock ICF building system Structural Design and Helix applications and work hand-in-hand with the selected contractor or working crew to support them according to the project owners’ specific needs or project expectations.

The major benefit of working with Caribbean ICF Solutions is that they are not only an ICF Materials Dealer but a one-stop ICF Solutions Provider that works directly with the homeowner, developers, architects, engineers, and contractors to support them with our unique ICF total solution and special ICF services.  Our dedicated team of professionals is capable of providing the following ICF Value Added services as needed:  ICF Structural and complete Designs as needed,  On-Site Installation Support with Project Management services,  Onsite Structural Evaluations, Technical Support on all the ICF products that we support, and On-site Quad-Lock Installation Training as needed. We will help our customers in completing their projects within the target goals allowing them to save a lot of money and unnecessary labor costs.  We are a one-stop ICF solutions provider that will work closely with our customers from the beginning until the end of their projects.  In addition to everything mentioned above, we are in the Caribbean and can cover the entire Region from our strategic location. This is where CICFS separates from the rest of the ICF providers.

What are the top 6 reasons to build with the CICFS ICF Total Solution?

  1. Durable & Resilient

Quad-Lock ICF with Helix Micro-Rebar construction gives you a strong, steel-reinforced concrete structure, and is the material of choice for large buildings, roads, bridges, and facilities for the armed forces. Helix is a multidirectional reinforcement that increases shear strength, concrete’s structural capacity/crack resistance and decreases the need for stirrups.  Helix 5-25 Micro Rebar™ is stronger, more durable, and more flexible than rebar and significantly reduce the construction time.  Quad-Lock buildings offer lifecycles measured in centuries instead of decades and lower risk of costly water damage. This built-in resilience can qualify owners for insurance discounts in many areas, sometimes worth hundreds of thousands over time! Helix adds durability and impact resistance to the concrete, which is excellent for heavy loads and seismic events.  Hurricanes Irma, Maria, Dorian and this year’s earthquakes in Puerto Rico  and the Caribbean Region have been a learning and growing experience for all of us and now more than ever is when we need to encourage the use of ICF to be ready for the next catastrophic events in the entire Caribbean Region.   All the ICF Projects that Caribbean ICF Solutions have serviced in the Caribbean region (St. John, St. Croix,  Puerto Rico, BVI and the Bahamas) are up and standing with no damages to the structures after Hurricanes Irma, Maria, and this year’s earthquakes.  This system really works which has proven to be hurricane proof withholding winds over 220 miles per hour.  If you are considering this new Technology for your next project you are definitely making the right choice with the Quad-Lock ICF building System, the Helix Micro-Rebar Solution and the other ICF solutions that Caribbean ICF Solutions provide.

  1. Healthy, Cozy & Safe

Quad-Lock panels are manufactured from high density, biologically safe, fire retardant, long-lasting expanded polystyrene (EPS), creating healthy & cozy indoor environments. The fire-resistance rating of a finished Quad-Lock wall with 8″ concrete thickness is 4 hours per testHelix does not allow for a complete failure of the system due to corrosion, unlike traditional reinforcement, which is continuous and electrically connected. Helix also helps to avoid placement errors since it is distributed throughout the concrete matrix. Conventional reinforcement’s effective strength is decreased by up to 50% when misplaced. Helix reduces injuries due to cuts (placing), strains (lifting), and tripping/falling (maneuvering through the grid) traditionally associated with rebar/mesh.

  1. Ultra-Energy-Efficient

With Quad-Lock, you can build walls with your choice of insulation value, from R-22 to R-59. Choose the optimum Insulation Value depending on your local climate and energy-saving goals. High, continuous insulation combined with low air infiltration and concrete thermal mass provides at least 98% better R-Value than most wood-framed concrete walls.  With the Quad-Lock ICF Building system you can build 3 to 5 times faster than the traditional concrete & Blocks construction method.  With the Helix Micro-Rebar Solution, you can significantly reduce the construction time, saving you money in labor costs, and increasing construction efficiency of your projects.

  1. Fast, Simple, Accurate

Quad-Lock Insulating Concrete Forms are infinitely versatile and fast to install, allowing design and construction flexibility unmatched in other types of concrete forming! Helix reduces construction time by eliminating laying, tying, and inspections and, in most cases, can eliminate the need for pumping and void development in highly congested steel locations. The combination of these two construction technologies results in an extremely efficient building solution.

  1. Engineered & Tested

Quad-Lock is a German-engineered system designed by builders for builders: Evaluated by Intertek for International Code Council IRC, IBC, and many other jurisdictions & manufactured under ISO 9001 quality and ISO 14001 environmental certifications. Tested & Inspected by Intertek.  Helix is the first to market with approval for structural applications; Helix has a decade of experience with the IAPMO report and no structural failures. Helix also meets ACI, the IBC and IRC code through its two evaluation service reports from ICC-ES and IAPMO-ES.  Helix also has the ISO 9001-2015 QMS certifications.

  1. World Class Support

Caribbean ICF Solution distinguishes itself by the support that it gives to their customers in every project.  They are a one stop ICF solutions provider that will work closely with their customers from the beginning (planning stage) until the end of their projects.   The support varies depending on the specific needs of the customers.  Some customers require a complete design for their projects while other only will need the ICF structural Plans.  CICFS also provides technical support for all the products and systems they provide.  This is a very important consideration for project owners because if they do not have this type of support most of the time it will result in installation problems & higher construction costs.  The most popular Service that Caribbean ICF Solutions provides is the ICF Installation Support at the project sites. This service normally includes one on-site Structural Engineer with ICF Expertise and project management support.  The CICFS engineer will train any contractor at the field as needed and ensure that their team installs the Quad-Lock ICF System correctly and within the expected time schedule. This is a real time and money saver for the project owners, developers, and contractors.   CICFS will provide progress reports to the project owners through a robust project management platform which allow project owners, developers and contractors to know at all times how their projects are progressing.  This provides the Projects Owners, Developers and Contractors the best results in terms of controlling the labor which can cost a lot of money if the construction team takes more time than it is required.  The CICFS Installation Support service will significantly reduce the contractors’ learning curve, avoiding unnecessary installation errors, and assuring the ICF Installation is completed within the expected time (3 to 5 times faster than traditional concrete).  This is where CICFS separates from the rest of the ICF providers

With the natural disasters Caribbean islands face every year, it is vital for the entire Caribbean Region to be prepared for any catastrophic event with the help of companies just like Caribbean ICF Solutions, who are bringing new technology to sustain and empower these beautiful islands. Our Caribbean infrastructure supplier directory allows for companies to connect digitally and work together for the greater good.

Thank you for your contribution to this Blog feature, Caribbean ICF Solutions. Stay tuned to learn details about the Caribbean ICF Total Solution in their next blog feature!

We hope other companies operating in the Region will see the value in sharing their experiences, and end-users will learn how your specialized technologies may help them during future project planning. You can learn more about Caribbean ICF Solutions here.

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