Lauren Thomas

InCarib was born as an idea in October of 2017, after two category 5 hurricanes – Maria and Irma – swept through the Caribbean, leaving a path of devastation across the Lesser Antilles. A resident of the US Virgin Islands, InCarib founder Lauren Thomas witnessed the destruction firsthand.

A pivotal moment

At a water conference shortly thereafter, she also witnessed policy makers, utility executives and regional development partners clamoring to bring together professionals and service providers to help restore infrastructure across a wide geography. Minister Reginald Austrie of Dominica issued the call:

“We need consultants, engineers, etc.…. wherever you are…”

In conversation with Thomas, representatives of the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency expressed the need for a mechanism to bridge the gap between the private sector and the government, utility, and regional development agencies – a resource to connect suppliers and providers to the need, both during disasters and for infrastructure projects.

The solution took shape

Thus grew Thomas’ idea for InCarib, a digital directory and connection tool to meet this need. With the support of regional influencers and much perseverance, it has grown. Today, InCarib is the definitive directory of infrastructure suppliers dedicated to enabling, sustaining and enhancing living conditions in the Caribbean. The website serves the entire region and is used by governments, utilities and regional development agencies and suppliers to find each other and connect. Industry sectors included are agriculture, building and roads, power and energy, solid waste management, and water and wastewater.

How InCarib helps suppliers

InCarib is a place for you, a supplier to Caribbean infrastructure, to tell the region what you do differently. An InCarib listing creates demand for your business. You describe the products and services you provide that advance sustainable infrastructure for the Caribbean. It’s a place for you to showcase your past projects and put your business in front of influential decision makers. And, if you’re ready and willing to help in disaster recovery efforts, use InCarib to let them know.

How InCarib helps governments, agencies and utilities

InCarib helps get you to the infrastructure solution faster. Find the providers and suppliers who offer the services and products you need, in the specific geography that’s relevant. Search for and find providers by industry sector and by specialty. Learn which suppliers are available for disaster recovery projects. Save critical time in finding experienced consultants, architects, planners, engineers, construction companies, specialized technology providers, and much more.

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